Three Direct Openers that WORK for Cold Approach

Hey there, you sexy bastard!

I want to thank you for taking the time out to check out this post. That already tells me that you’re the short of chap who wants to start taking bold action in your dating life and get the results (and the girls) that you deserve.

In this post, I put together three of my go-to opening lines that I use when I stop and begin conversations with attractive women in everyday situations, such as walking down the street, sitting in a café, or shopping at the mall.

These openers should give you a great starting point to get out there and start meeting women in an honest, upfront and direct way, without the confusion and anxiety of having to learn complicated indirect routines, patterns or gimmicks.

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Well, without further ado, let’s begin with…

1. The Denial Opener

“Hey, I’m not crazy or a drug dealer or anything, but… you look really cute and I wanted to come say hi.”

This is one of my personal favorites. Basically, the first part of your sentence builds up a lot of tension while she’s wondering what you want, and then you release that tension in a really funny way by just telling her she’s cute.

Now she gets it—”Oh, this guy is just here to hit on me. That’s cool.” But you’ve started the conversation in a totally unique and playful way that she’s probably never experienced before.

You can be as funny as you like with it, or just use it to make light of the situation (especially if you scare her by getting too close!)

Just be sure to SMILE 🙂 after you say this this!

Pro Tip: Experiment with building 3, 4 even 5 denials in a row to create massive tension before delivering your compliment!

2. The “Insult Expectation” Opener

Now this is a great one, especially if you want to make your compliment sexually direct (which is definitely okay to do, especially if that’s what truly struck you about the girl and made you want to approach her).

What you do is: Make the girl think you’re going to say something insulting to her, but then say something really awesome to her instead!

“Excuse me—don’t take this the wrong way at all…but you look REALLY sexy and so I wanted to come chat you up.”

The phrase “don’t take this the wrong way” creates the expectation that you’re about to insult her—this builds up some tension. Then, when you give her a sincere direct compliment, it has an even stronger impact than it would normally. Cool, huh?

Pro Challenge: What other ways can you make her expect an insult, and how direct and sexual can you make your compliment and still get away with it? Push yourself and find out!

But always remember to smile! 🙂

3. The “Random” Opener

In this classic opener, you’re showing your social awareness by making it clear you realize that what you’re doing is unusual, but that you were compelled to talk to her despite that.

“Hey, I know this is a bit random, but I just saw you—you’re absolutely gorgeous, so I had to come meet you.”

The phrase “random” is important. First, it’s simple and casual, which can be just as effective as the more “tension-building” phrases in the first two openers in this post. Also frames it as fun and playful, rather than weird and scary. Try saying “Hey I know this is fucking creepy, but…” and see how that goes. (Actually, please don’t.)

Pro Tip: Leaving pauses in between each phrase and slowing down your words makes your opener much more sexually- charged.

Well that’s all I have for you today…

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Oh, you do? 😉

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