The 5 Minute Conversation Blueprint

Need Help? Email Me HERE
Need Help? Email Me HERE
For the Smart, Successful Professional Looking To Date More While Doing Less...
"How to Use This Simple Phrase To Get Her in 5 Minutes or Less" she's thinking about you - and only you - the rest of her day...
What is The 5 Minute Conversation Blueprint?
The 5 Minute Conversation Blueprint is a counterintuitive approach that empowers smart professionals like you to create a dating life as abundant & successful as your career...

Without swiping endlessly on apps...
Without wasting hours in clubs or bars...
Without trying to prove how "alpha" or "high status" you are…
Without having to learn weird pickup lines or pretending to be someone you're not...
Without doing anything manipulative, fake or sleazy...
✅ All while saving you time and energy...
✅ And doesn't require confidence or good looks to work!

Best part?
You can achieve this by following a simple 4-step structure in around 5 minutes per day:
So you can meet & attract the quality women you desire easily
Finally freeing up your time & emotional energy to focus on being productive, friends & hobbies, travel, and important goals…

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The 5 Minute Conversation Blueprint is a shortcut
Despite having a successful career, my own place, and being in great shape...
I never knew how to meet or even talk to women...
In fact, I once was on the verge of giving up on dating entirely:
In 2007, after breaking up with the first (and only) girl I'd ever been with...
I stumbled into the seedy underground world of Pick Up Artists…
I thought I'd discovered secret techniques and lines:
Almost like magic spells where, if I recited them just right...

Would finally give me control over women's reactions...
And make them attracted to me, despite feeling like a dorky, ugly loser…
But after three years of going out to clubs, using all these routines and material… following the 'gurus' instructions to the letter…
I was nowhere:
Worse than nowhere...
Because all this manipulative, fake crap had me feeling like a fraud:
Like I had to wear a mask when I talked to a woman (because there’s no way she’d be interested in the real me)...
And, after using these “proven” lines and routines…
Doing everything the ‘pro’s told me...
When none of it worked at all... it made me feel even worse about myself:

Like, no matter what I did… I was Just too ugly, nerdy and awkward to ever get a girlfriend...
I wrote my final post on an online forum:
"Being myself didn't work. Using all this material didn't work. Clearly, the problem is me. I give up"
And then, as luck would have it...
Up popped a random, shaky YouTube video of this weird, scruffy, overweight guy talking to a cute girl in central London...
He broke all the "rules" I'd spent the last 3 years of failure learning:
Didn't care about appearing "alpha" or "high status"...
And yet, he had the girl smiling, blushing and giggling...
And even grabbed her phone number at the end!
After searching him out down a long online rabbithole...
I convinced him to become my "Yoda"...
(Well, paying him all $3,000 I had sitting in an old savings account probably helped!)
He took me under his wing and explained these weird spiritual concepts:
Ideas about the ego, non-duality, and Eastern philosophy that seemingly had nothing to do with meeting women...
And that flew in the face of every science-based, rational fact I thought I knew...
Yet, within hours of being exposed to these new ways of thinking...
I'd conquered a lifetime of social anxiety...
And was finally able to unleash my fearless, unapologetic and authentic self to women all over London...

I finally reached a point where I could walk up to the most intimidatingly beautiful women…
Women who I'd previously assume were 'out of my league'…
...and end up waking up next to them a few mornings later.
In fact, at one time I had a rotation of five model-quality women:
Each of which the old me would have been far too intimidated to even make eye contact with.
Now, I've put the exact step-by-step conversation structure I used to meet & date those women in a new book...


The 5 Minute Conversation Blueprint

My Unique 4-Step Framework that Turns Ice-Cold Strangers into Hot Dates in 5 Minutes or Less
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How I Went From Simp To Pimp By Thinking Outside The Box... Using A Unique, Natural Approach To Meeting Women
Read The Story Below To Discover How the 5 Minute Conversation Blueprint Can Help You
Dear Future 5 Minute Conversation Blueprint Owner
From: The laptop of Ryan Black
Re: How to finally meet the women you want (and why this is your only way out)
Would it surprise you that I figured out how to walk up to attractive, model-quality women and get dates with them in just 5 minutes...

...using nothing but a simple 4-step structure I reveal in this short, easy-to-read book?

You should be
After all, you can’t believe everything you read on the internet 🙂
so let me prove it to you
But first, a quick disclaimer:
I have the benefit of 12 years of experience teaching this around the world for a living…
The average person who buys any “how to” information gets little to no results. Most of them never even read the first page. All testimonials, although 100% verified and real, are for illustrative purposes only and are no claim or guarantee of results.
Your results will vary and depend on many factors... including, but not limited to: your background, experience, work ethic, and degree to which you implement.
All purchases entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT GET THIS BOOK.
And yes, it took me time and energy to achieve my results.
With that said, let me jump right in and show you...
How I Started Dating Smart, Sexy & Sophisticated Women By Doing The Opposite of Everything The So-Called 'Dating Gurus' Told Me
It's all down to a 4-step Blueprint I spent the last 12 years honing:
This same Blueprint has empowered over 350+ successful professional guys like you all over the world to get women’s phone numbers fast...

Without swiping endlessly…
Without getting ghosted…
Without spending a fortune on dates, only to end up in the friendzone.
...And, instead, now pack their schedules full of dates faster and more consistently than ever before…
…And best of all?
They also develop rock-solid confidence, along with elite social and networking skills they can use outside their dating lives.
There’s Matt from Canada who had the following to say about Working With Me:
In his own words...
Oh, almost forgot – a few short months after training with me, Matt had a rotation of three smoking hot girlfriends...
Crazier still, because he knew my story, he wanted to beat me and went up to six girlfriends...
But (poor guy) he got so overwhelmed and simply couldn't make time for all the women that wanted to jump into bed with him every night, so he cut back down to his top three a few months after that.
You see...
By shattering their limiting Beliefs, I Empower My Clients To Consistently line up 2-3 dates A Week Like Clockwork...
They’re no longer stuck down the red pill rabbit hole, kneeling before the altar of some bro YouTuber shouting about what masculinity is supposed to look like...
Wasting time & energy trying to be more alpha… only for their carefully curated façade of fake confidence to crack three seconds into a conversation with a girl!
They're no longer stuck swiping endlessly, playing Tinder roulette only to scrape a date with a chubby single mom every few months at best...
They finally gain the confidence that comes with certainty & control in their dating lives:
Whether they want a rotation of gorgeous women who love their company…
Or that one special girl who's loves him for him and is sweet, sexy, smart and totally loyal...
The choice is up to them...

And Matt's certainly not the only one…
Mo Used My Methods To Destroy His Approach Anxiety & Pull A Girl To His Hotel That Same Evening!
And even though he ended up taking her back to his hotel, that's not the best part...

The best part is: he left with a total transformation in how he approached, and spoke to women.
He no longer had the anxiety, doubt and confusion he had before. He could create an abundant dating life at will, any time and place of his choosing...

Here’s another of my students who started using my unique approach…

Janne Was able to approach women he previously assumed were 'out of his league' within hours of working with me in person…
Matt, mo and janne Are Part A New Wave Of Men Who Are Taking Control over their dating lives (and destinies) once and for all…
And you can BET...
My 5 Minute Conversation framework is unlike any method of meeting women you've heard of…
How is this different?
Because I don't tell you to…
❌ Pretend to be “alpha” Nothing screams 'insecure' worse than putting on an act just to impress her...
❌ Make up weird excuses or lies just to talk to women – That just makes you come off fake, women are perceptive and instantly pick up "there's something off with this guy"...

❌ Memorize lines, routines or gimmicks, which leave you feeling awkward when you run out of 'material' to say...

❌ Try to appear "high status" – Spending money on VIP service at clubs, fancy cars or clothes doesn't address the root cause of dating scarcity, which brings me to...

❌ Play online dating roulette – Paying for photoshoots and swiping all the 'most effective' Tinder profile hacks and lines are, at best, bandaids over the underlying issues preventing you from dating quality women in the first place!
In fact: there's no manipulative bullshit, fake-it-til-you-make it, or anything disingenuous, fake or creepy...

Instead, I Empower You To Express Yourself Fearlessly... In a way that causes the high quality women who are right for you to become attracted Within seconds...
Like I said…
This is a radically different way of meeting women, because it completely changes how you feel about yourself, and how women respond to you...
…and I know that’s true…
Because it changed everything for me:
This 5-minute Conversation structure finally allowed me to get out my head, stop worrying about what to say, and have total certainty about what works when it comes to attracting the women I actually desire...

All without:

❌ Resorting to scripts, manipulation or lies...
❌ Wasting hours getting drunk in clubs or bars
❌ Investing time and energy trying to build a whole social circle to be the center of...
❌ Spending money on designer clothes, watches, bottle service and cars in the hopes of appearing 'High Status'
❌ Going to the gym for hours every day and obsessing over appearing as alpha as possible...
❌ Swiping endlessly on all the dating apps...
❌ Doing affirmations to force myself to have confidence and an 'abundance mentality' with women (when all evidence pointed to the contrary!)
The 5 Minute Conversation Blueprint Freed Me From All That Frustration... Finally Allowing Me To Date All The High Quality Women I Wanted almost effortlessly
Here’s the personal hell I was stuck in, back then...
If you’ve ever tried meeting women and getting dates these days, you may relate to my struggle...

I call this the “Dating Cycle of Despair”:
Step 1 - I’d get sick and tired of being alone. After months of the same repetitive cycle: work, gym, delivery for one with a certain *Hub site for company... I'd reach a breaking point. So I'd make a commitment to quit p*rn and be more social...
Step 2 - I'd re-download all the dating apps and start furiously swiping, hoping for a decent match fast, so I wouldn't have to face the awkwardness of trying to approach women in bars or nightclubs...
Step 3 - Thousands of swipes and zero matches later, I’d force myself to hit a bunch of clubs and bars, all playing awful, loud music.

I'd spend hours getting drunk, building the liquid courage to make an approach... only to get a lot of rejections and maybe few minutes of polite conversation before she'd "go find her friends"...
Step 4 - So then I'd try 'social circle game': Hoping to appear ‘High Status’ so women would give me the time of day, I'd spend time and energy researching the hottest clubs and VIP events, inviting as many female friends as I could so I could feel like a Big Baller...

It was like herding cats into a loud club I didn't even want to be in, surrounded by swarms of people I had nothing in common with. When all I really wanted was to chill at home with a few close friends, listen to music I liked, and have interesting conversations!
Step 5 - Frustrated with how socially awkward I felt, I'd then go full redpill and hit the gym for 2 hours a day, every day. "Maybe if I get jacked enough women will approach me?", I hoped...
Step 6 - "My anxiety around women and lack of confidence must be because of my mindset." So I’d try meditating, yoga, and affirmations in the hopes I'd be more centred and calm, and somehow trick my brain into having an 'abundance mentality'...
Step 7 - And after all those months of doing everything to improve myself, going through hours of techniques on YouTube, and working really hard to force myself to be social and speak to as many women as possible...

I'd barely be able to scrape an average-looking girl out of a club or onto a date maybe once every 3-6 months, which never went any further than a drunk, unfulfilling one night stand or a couple of dates before being ghosted...
Step 8 - Before giving up and starting the cycle over once again… even more frustrated and disappointed in myself...
The Dating Cycle of Despair not only sucked, but kept me stuck, miserable and lonely for years - walking home by myself, drunk at 2am every night… wishing I could just connect with a cute girl…

Any girl.

Because at this point, settling for an average girl was better than being alone another 6+ months...
To be honest…
I was so sick of Doing Everything Right yet getting zero results, I Hit a Breaking Point...
I was willing to try anything - no matter how weird, crazy or counter-intuitive it seemed...

After all, if everything I'd tried over 4 years of failure got me nowhere...
Then maybe, doing the exact opposite might get me... somewhere!
Luckily for me (and for you 😉 I stumbled upon a system...

More of an entire life philosophy...

That is the exact opposite of everything every pick up artist, dating coach, redpill YouTuber, and so-called seduction expert teaches...
And it went on to change everything:
As you're about to find out, what I discovered..
Not only worked for me...
But has gone on to transform hundreds of guys lives, from LA to NYC, London to Lisbon, Singapore to Sydney...
Now, I Condensed The heart of the System Into A short 43-page conversation blueprint...
And you can start reading it in a few short minutes from now…
But before you do, you may be wondering...
Who the hell am I, and why on earth should you listen to what I have to say in the first place?

My name’s Ryan Black…
And while you might not know my name...
You may well have seen one of my girlfriends in a Hollywood film, Netflix show, glossy fashion magazine, Playboy, or your Instagram feed...
I went from practical incel... to dating models I once assumed were out of my league:
Beauty pageant winners who'd text me "I want to be your girlfriend"
A Next Top Model runner-up with a 28G bra size (did you know that size even exists?)
And a 6-foot tall French-Mauritian international catwalk model with the longest, smoothest legs I'd ever touched...
I have to be excused for not including their names… for their privacy.
Also, I’m not one to kiss and tell 😉
I've had one girl make me breakfast at her home after a night of passion… before returning to my own place and having lunch delivered by another girl who made it just for me.
I’ve even enjoyed a rotation of at least 5 model-quality women, all of whom were slim, over 5 foot 9 and with 30DD or larger bras...
I’ve even pulled off a “hat trick”, where I enjoyed 3 different women in one day...
…something the old me thought was the stuff of p*rn fantasies!
The best part? (Apart from all the sex obviously)
I didn’t lie to these women at all

I didn't impress them with a lambo, champagne dinners or trips on a yacht...
In fact: the years I was maxxing out this area and dating as many women as I could handle...
I started off living with my parents, then in a shared apartment with 5 roommates, and was earning about $30k a year from my boring 9-5!
So believe me when I tell you – you can attain whatever level of abundance you want with women...
Without needing to be some billionaire Dan Bilzerian alpha stereotype.
Because I did it... with fewer advantages than you have right now!
I have to make one thing clear, however:
The rotation lifestyle may not be for everyone.
Some guys just want that one gorgeous, intelligent girl they can spend their time with and build a life together.
I get it…
Not everyone wants to juggle a harem of women (and the headaches that come with it!)
Case in point, more recently…
I've dated one long-term girlfriend for about 3 years...
She’s a gorgeous, intelligent Ivy-League grad with international modelling, Hollywood acting and relationship therapy careers...
One of the things she loves about me is how I “always have some random facts about everything”...
In other words…
I get to be my Authentic, intelligent nerdy self and enjoy a gorgeous girlfriend who's really into me
Here's some pictures of my adventures with her...
And, she tags along with me on my travels, and supports me in my mission too.

That being said…
As You and I Get To Know Each Other… You’ll Quickly Realize That I’m The Luckiest Person On Earth - So Let’s Talk About What happened that dark, cold lonely night all those years ago…
It was summer 2010, and I was living in Camden Town, London.
I had no girlfriend.
I could barely start a conversation with the girls I was truly attracted to.
I had everything women said they wanted in a man for a long-term relationship.
On paper, I was literally Mr Right!
I basically ticked all the boxes on the requirements to be a “prince in shining armor” most women want.
I was an educated guy with good prospects, solid finances, an amazing sense of humor, great relationship with my family, and really just wanting to treat a girlfriend like a queen.
I was the “Mr Right” All These Ladies Kept Looking For On Their Dating Profiles!
Yet no matter how much I tried, I always got the same response:
“You’re such a nice guy, Ryan. Any woman would be lucky to have you as her man. Let’s just be friends.”
All the time.
Like clockwork.
It didn’t matter how many boxes I ticked, I was always the guy in the friend zone. Sometimes I served as the perfect emotional tampon who gave the women a shoulder to cry on, as they complained about the bad boys who kept breaking their hearts over and over again.
Eventually, I just ended up settling for women I wasn’t attracted to.
All because I was that desperate to have any female companionship.
I couldn’t have what I wanted, so I just took what I could.
This meant I couldn’t be with the beautiful, smart women I was truly attracted to.
There’s a stupid myth out there… that you have to beat your chest and "demonstrate higher value” to be an “Alpha Male”, while trying to use the “perfect script” and routine in order to achieve the fabled “perfect approach”
This is constantly pushed as the best way to meet women.
Except it doesn’t always work…
Because of two reasons.
1- The common men's dating advice around demonstrating higher value, stacking routines and scripts… and pea cocking are all serve one purpose:
Shielding you from rejection.
Most of this dating advice you'll find is designed to force you play it safe…
the whole “high value alpha male” game isn't playing to win... it's trying not to lose!
This is because all the stuff the experts tell you to do doesn’t actually help make the girl interested in you.
Instead, it’s all meant to shield you from her rejection.
This is why when an approach fails, you’ll often hear someone saying:
“The script didn’t work. The routine was wrong. I didn't demonstrate enough value"
… this stuff just puts them in a position where they have something to blame for their failures. Why blame themselves when they can just blame the scripts and routines?
The end result? a weak, defensive approach where you try to avoid rejection
Most dating advice you'll find on YouTube and on Reddit is the very definition of playing it safe.
As the saying goes, fortune favors the bold.
And there’s absolutely nothing bold about hiding behind a bunch of routines and scripts to shield yourself from rejection.
But it gets even worse.
You see, the fact that you have to “demonstrate higher value” to a girl actually goes against the very idea of being high value. As Tywin
Lanister said in Game of Thrones:
“Any man who must say 'I am the king' is no true king”
And unfortunately, the very act of trying to prove you’re high value is no different from saying “I am the king”. Despite what you’ve been told…
The fact that you have you prove you’re high value is actually one of the lowest value moves you can pull off.
Here’s the hard truth nobody wants to tell you:
When Women See This “Fake Alpha Persona”, 9 Out Of 10 Can Smell The Desperate Loser Hiding Inside... the other 1 will Take Advantage Of Him!
The routines, the scripts…
All of them are there just to overcomplicate what should be something simple.
This dating advice aims to overcomplicate the game so much, that you end up confusing both the girl and yourself in your attempt to get a date.
And What About Online Dating?
It has many of the same problems as I outlined above.
Online dating is the definition of playing it safe, letting men blame the app and not the real problem…
While at the same time by putting an app between you and the girl you’re overcomplicating what should be natural.
Even worse…
Paying the online dating syndicate doesn’t guarantee results. Yes, I said syndicate because most of the big dating apps are owned by the same company (match group).
Here’s yet another painful truth:
The Online Dating App Syndicate wants You Lonely, Frustrated, Confused & Desperate So You’ll Keep Swiping And Paying
Think about it.
Why would they want to lose their main cash cow by actually giving you matches for free?
Thus, with all this in mind… if you want to meet gorgeous, intelligent women who genuinely like you and are interested in YOU, these options are almost never the answer...
I know, because I tried.
I gave them everything I had.
I gave them my BEST shot.
And they didn’t work.
Because I played by the rules and I did everything right...
I Ended Up with Average Women I Really Wasn't Attracted to, But Settled for Out of Desperation
I hated it because I knew I could do better. I saw gorgeous models who were just my type.
And knew there had to be a way for me to meet them and get dates with them.
There, right there in front of me, yet just barely out of reach.
...and I knew following the common dating advice advice online about trying to look like some fake “high value alpha” wasn't going to work.
So I did what everyone else out there does in this situation.
I started looking for a way out.
I looked everywhere and a few months later I found it in the most unlikely of places.
One day...
I stumbled upon a shaky, grainy, badly shot YouTube video where a scruffy, poorly dressed and slightly overweight guy approached a cute blonde girl in central London
Not, it wasn't footage of a homeless man trying to beg for a dollar!
Over the course of a few minutes, this guy would go on to break every single "Rule of being a High Status Alpha Male" I’d spent the last three years learning:
He looked almost homeless (the opposite of demonstrating high value)
❓He wasn’t 'peacocking' (dressing weird to get women's attention)
❓And his body language was terrible.
❓He didn’t bother trying to look like an alpha, nor did he run any game on her.
❓Anyone in the men's dating community would have called his technique extremely sloppy at best.
Yet despite this… the girl was giggling, blushing, laughing and having tons of fun!
This was a total revelation:
I knew I had to learn more...
And That Was The Birth Of My Journey
After doing a bit of research - I contacted the man in the Youtube video and went under his wing.

He became my "Master Yoda"...
And for a while, he helped me "unlearn" what conventional dating advice had taught me... while teaching what really works.

It cost me a pretty penny at the time, and honestly speaking, if I had to sell my kidney and half my liver to afford it, I probably would have.
With his guidance, I started to adopt a totally new approach, and I’ll be honest…
At first, I had no idea how to just walk up to a girl and tell her exactly why I approached her.
All I knew how to do was “run game” and use what few scripts I knew as I anxiously tried to get the girl to agree to a date.
Here's what my dating life looked like
Then, as mysteriously as he arrived...
He vanished from the scene.
And even though I had the guidance of that mysterious figure who taught me what he knew, and helped me overcome my initial anxieties and insecurities…
I still had to actually walk up to the girls and talk to them.

I had to apply what I learned.
Looking back, those first 3 months were brutal.
Late nights.
Long days approaching women.
The constant anxiety of over overcoming my insecurities one approach at a time.
I did everything I'd learned, but was missing one key...
I was starting conversations and being authentic... but i kept having to “reinvent the wheel” with each approach...
Here’s what I mean:
The Direct Approach is way more effective than just about anything you’ll ever hear from whichever men's dating expert is trending on YouTube... or whatever the latest guru is saying on Reddit.
The main issue, however, is that most guys who try it didn't really have a structure behind the interaction.
Each girl they talked to required them to basically come up with a new way of applying the Direct Approach.
Over time, this results in incredibly inconsistent results.
Now look… while the average results of using the Direct Approach are definitely way better than what the average guy would get, if he stuck to the routines, scripts and tried beating his chest as a modern "alpha male"…
The results were still a bit on the unpredictable side.
As I said, having no structure behind a direct approach means you’re basically reinventing the wheel each time.
But I have to make one thing clear:
A structure isn’t the same as a routine, or a script.
A routine or a script is meant to shoehorn you into someone else’s personality. These are masks which hide your personality and essentially turn you into an empty shell of the person who wrote them.
This is part of why scripts and routines hardly ever work…
Women can smell fakeness and lack of personality in the scripts and routines because they know it's not you speaking, it’s the supposed guru who wrote them speaking through your mouth…
And that creeps them the hell out because it’s extremely cringy.
This is why "acting alpha" actually repels women.
This is why "acting high status" makes you look creepy.
This is why "trying to look all high status" attracts gold diggers and women looking to take advantage of you.
That was my life and I was ready to quit.

But thankfully, I didn't...
That Was over 8 Years Ago, And Fast Forward To Today And It Almost Seems Like A Bad Dream
I proved the idea of “being manipulative, lying to women and trying to demonstrate higher value and be alpha” to be all wrong…
Instead of messaging hundreds of girls, and swiping right all day just to get one reply… who would either ghost you, turn out to be a chubby and average girl… or both…
Instead of relying on the social circle minefield to meet girls, hoping to get lucky with a woman from work, school or a friends party…
Where I would always have a fine conversation before getting friend zoned over and over again, because it’s so awkward hitting on her around friends.
And, most of all, instead of relying on fake stories, canned routines and scripts written by a “Master Pick Up Artist”...
While dealing with crippling ‘approach anxiety’ and having to down 2 or 3 drinks to muster the ‘liquid courage’ needed to walk up to a girl and say hi…
I have an amazing, intelligent international model girlfriend. I’ve enjoyed a rich, abundant dating life where I enjoyed a rotation of at least 5 different model quality women, including but not limited to literal supermodels, a beauty pageant winner, and even a Japanese-Nigerian model.
Just a few of the model-quality women I've had the pleasure of dating
I’ve even had the pleasure of pulling off a “hat trick”, and sleeping with 3 different women in one day.
The Nigerian-Japanese international model in the morning, A super cute French blonde in the afternoon, and one of my regulars in the evening.
I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging...
I’ve enjoyed a rich dating life, with the women I’m attracted to, and I never had to fake being an alpha, nor do I have to fake being one now with my girlfriend…
I’ve never had to lie to the women I met…
Or try to deceive them about my intentions…
Or spend a small fortune trying to impress them.
Unlike everyone else on Reddit and Youtube still stuck doing things the old way, who are too busy trying to impress women with the whole “fake alpha” act.
You see them spending all their time on their computers.
Arguing on Reddit and in YouTube comments about which script is the best, and trying to find the “perfect routine”... while paying to use dating sites which are designed to keep you single and paying, and not to hook you up.
And you see them doing all this before getting turned down so much they end up settling for a girl they’re not attracted to.
Not because they like her.
But because they’re so desperate, “she will do”.
I should know.
I did this for years, and it not only drove me crazy…
It drove me to the point where I was willing to settle with any girl who gave me attention.
Instead of me dating the gorgeous, intelligent models I wanted, I ended up constantly friend zoned and having to settle for average girls who would ghost me after a free lunch.
Wanna Know What The Main Difference Is With The 5 Minute Conversation And That “Old Way” Of Doing Things?
The Old Way of doing things is based on overcomplicating interactions to the point where both you and the girl are confused.
It’s literally the equivalent of playing to avoid loss, instead of playing to win.
The old way has guys trying so hard to “not get rejected”, they never actually get to building attraction and intrigue in the girl.
This is the direct opposite of how the 5-minute conversation works.
With the 5-minute conversation, when you approach a girl… you’re playing to win from step one.
Little time is wasted trying to pull off a “dancing monkey” routine to get her attention.
You approach, and strike while the iron is hot and build attraction from step one!
Best part?
As the name says, you really only need about 5 minutes to make it work.
No long-winded scripts.
As I already mentioned, routines and scripts basically try to force someone else’s personality on you.
Women can pick this up, and it makes you extremely cringy.
This is where using the Direct Approach combined with a winning structure has the advantage.
As I said above, structure is not the same as a script or a routine.
Think of it more like a loose guideline pointing the way, telling you what you must do… but not dictating how you must do it.
The end result is a framework where you insert your personality when you talk to a woman.
Rather than doing all “those things” the experts on YouTube say you should do in order to meet women the women I truly desired, here’s what it looks like now…
And The Result Of Using This New Way?
A few of the "adventures" I got to enjoy with the lucky ladies I've met over the years...
Which Naturally Leads To...
Me getting to enjoy a dating calendar jam packed with gorgeous women excited to meet up with me, and blowing up my phone with missed calls and texts before I even wake up.
And the best part is that I didn’t have to lie about my intentions to these women…
Or waste my time and money trying to “look high status” to them.
Showering a woman with money doesn't create real attraction, it just demonstrates that you don't believe you're worthy of her as you are
The really cool thing is that…
If you follow every single step that I teach, you end up with the attractive, intelligent and fun women you enjoy being around… without having to beat your chest and make a fool out of yourself repeating a script some “guru” chucked into a forum.
But it’s much more than that...
It’s Actually A 4-Step Framework For How To Finally Be Able To Fearlessly and Confidently Approach Any Woman You See At Any Time, And Get A Date With Her While Being Yourself...
Ask yourself…
How many “Men's Dating and Attraction” models and methods have you seen come and go through the years?
People trying to use canned routines, dressing like clowns and trying to pick girls up with a script...
Or hitting the club and setting their wallets on fire trying to “demonstrate higher value”...
Or using the old, manipulative tactic of flat out lying about their intentions then acting surprised when they’re “found out”...
I’ve enjoyed this dating life for the past ten years, and each of them has brought nothing buy joy to me.
Now, speaking of my method...
I’m going to share something that’s a little bit disturbing with you.
Here it goes:
I am actually screwing myself over a bit by showing you this, because somewhere out there some bastard is spying on me, waiting to rip me off at the first chance they get, and try selling a cheap knockoff of my method… at my expense.
And the other dating coaches and gurus out there are making loads of money by teaching the opposite of what I teach (except it doesn't work, and leaves you frustrated, alone and confused).
But there’s something else too I want to share with you.
Ready for it?
The #1 Mistake Everyone Else Makes Is Trying To Play It Safe By Delaying Rejection. They’re essentially “playing to avoid losing”, instead of “playing to win”
Here’s why:
There are two types of men looking to meet women out there.
There are the "Fake Club Alphas" and there are "Authentic Sharp Shooters".
For my first 3 years - I was the Fake Club Alpha.
The fake club alphas are always out there trying to impress women by wearing an “alpha mask” and hiding who they really are.
Their strategy is to try to impress the girls by being the “alpha in the room”. And do you know what that means? That means trying to act like a high school jock, hanging in the VIP lounge and paying enough for a night’s bottle service to pay a month’s rent.
They believe they should lie to women and deceive them just to get them into bed.
Unfortunately, what they don’t know is none of this stuff actually helps to get a girl attracted to you.
Most of the conventional dating stuff is designed to overcomplicate the process, adding way too many steps and moving parts.
The end result is a system which has way too many points of failure to be reliable.
The more steps and more complication the system has, the more interest the girl loses as you talk to her.
The whole thing is based on trying your hardest to prevent, or at least delay rejection to spare your feelings.
It delays her rejection, but it doesn’t get her interested in who you are.
It’s basically a slower, more long-winded way to lose the game without even trying to win.
Unfortunately, by focusing on this strategy - they spend a ton of time on…
  • Trying to keep up with the fake image they had on the first impression, knowing full well they’re not really a jock or an alpha when the girls’ not looking.
  • They waste their time and money trying to impress girls, club hopping and trying to “demonstrate higher value” in the VIP section.
  • They waste their time memorizing scripts, and rehearsing the latest routines from whichever “master pickup artist” they’re following.
  • Some even try matchmaking services, only to end up disappointed when those girls friend zone them too.
All of this requires time, money and energy.

The problem isn't the model itself, it’s how the old way of doing things relies on using smokescreens and band-aids to hide and play it safe.
The old way is basically playing to not lose.
And this is the same exact thing that happened to me before I figured out the 5-Minute Conversation model.
The solution?
Stop Hiding Behind Routines, Drop The Fake Alpha Persona, Stop Paying For Drinks, And Actually Play The Game To Win
That's right...
I said it, we drop the fake alpha persona, stop lying to girls and just be direct and authentic...
...Because I would rather do my best to get an attractive woman who likes me for who I am, without having to use some cheesy routines instead of trying to settle for an average girl after “running game” and stacking scripts on her.
No thanks. I did that before and it sucks.
So here's the deal...
...I explain everything in 5 Minute Conversation , it's a [INSERT NUMBER OF PAGES] book that shows you everything you need to know.
So Here's The $7,500 Idea Behind The 5 Minute Conversation Model
Right now, as you're reading this very page...

There's a lot of activity happening in the dating world.
The online dating syndicate has tightened its grip on the people, all while YouTube and Twitter has exposed most of the common “pick artist” tricks to the masses.
This has created a situation where:
1- Most people are trying to use dating apps like Tinder to get dates, only to end up paying for their increasingly expensive subscriptions without getting any results.
2- Most women are very aware of the common tricks being taught in the men's dating space. You can’t just approach the average woman with a standard "alpha male" routine without her calling you out and walking away.
Now, most of these guys trying to get dates and meet the women they want are looking for a new solution...
And as you may have guessed it - we have it.
And what's really cool is that this solution doesn’t need a pointless subscription to a useless dating app, nor does it leave you feeling like a phony each time you try to “demonstrate higher value” in a club to impress an average girl you’re not that attracted to.
That's Right - Given A Choice I would Rather Meet Women Being Myself Than Using The Old Fake Alpha Nonsense.
And that's where the 5 Minute Conversation comes in...

It does this beautifully in 4 easy steps...
And that’s the difference here.
When you meet women using this method, the results are amplified, more within your control than ever and sustainable.
Instead of spending $10,000s in wasted money trying to buy drinks and dinner… get bottle service and impress girls all for it to go nowhere.
Or spending all day swiping right, praying to get a match.
Or going into late night men's dating and relationship YouTube channel, and Reddit thread research sprees trying to find the next big routine everyone is using.
Now just to be clear…
I’m not saying these dating advice content creators, reddit threads, club hopping and dating apps are bad.
What I’m saying, is if your goal is to get more dates, with the women you desire, the conventional dating advice and apps might actually be what’s holding you back!
Look, most of the advice out there, and the dating apps require you to waste time and money:
Swiping right trying to get a match, assuming the algorithm is in your favour.
Bar hopping and faking an alpha image trying to impress women who are clearly not impressed by you, or interested in you…
Living with the sinking feeling in your gut each time you lie to a woman about why you’re talking to her.
The 5-minute conversation just requires a simple tweak to how you express yourself to the women you meet.
Simple as that.
No crazy outfits.
No weird scripts.
No routines.
And that's why this is different.
And You Know What? I'll Stake My Entire Reputation On This One Promise
You can walk up to any woman you see, express your true self without hiding your intentions, enjoy the interaction and leave her eager to meet you again.
And once you start using the 5-Minute Conversation ...
Getting more dates isn’t something you ever need to worry about again - or even think about.
It’s something that will come as naturally to you as breathing.
If you see a woman you’re attracted to, you’ll know exactly how to approach her, express your interest and see if she’s up for it too.
No time wasted.
Because instead of putting on an “alpha act”, scrutinizing every single move and word you say to make sure its “high value”...
And trying to make up yet another weird reason why you want to talk to a woman…
This new you will automatically be engaging, fun to talk to, and just naturally feel so attractive to the women you want.
Not because you’re being fake… but because you’re authentic enough to show confidence in your own skin.
Here’s what I want you to do now: set your calendar right now - set it to 90 days from today.
If you’re truly aggressive about getting results…
Set it to 30 days (but only if you swear to me, you will go out and practise what I want to show you every single day until it’s a part of you)
Because If you implement everything I’m going to share with you in the 5-Minute Conversation book.
That’s when you’ll start seeing your first interactions and approaches being a bit different from what you’re used to. You’ll be more present with the woman, and instead of thinking of what to say next…
Or wondering if you're being “high value” enough.
The conversation will just flow.
And you’ll be shocked by the positive response the women will give you when you show up as yourself, not trying to portray some fake baler image to impress them.
The best part?
All this will come naturally to you.
That’s how easy this is.
I know how ridiculous and cliché that sounds…
And Just A Few Years Ago… I’d Tell You That You’re Crazy If You’d Ever Believe Such A Method Existed…
…But, today, I know better.
I don’t care how many times you’ve tried to get a date with a top tier, quality woman you’re attracted to…
I promise you this…
Anyone can enjoy an abundant, rich dating life with the incredible, gorgeous women they want as long as they have the right method (more on this below)..
Ultimately, I want you to know one thing…
If I Can Do This, So Can You!
It took me almost 3 years of agonising rejection, anxiety and wasted money to "figure this out"...

...and another 8 years to perfect it.
Which is safe to say that there isn't anything left for you to figure out.
I already did all the hard work for you.
I figured it all out.
Which means...there’s nothing for you to “figure out”.
You just need to download this book and most important of all - implement it!
That’s it…
Here’s The Exact 4-Step System Revealed In The 5-Minute Conversation Book For Getting More Dates Lined Up Than You Can Manage
Step 1 - Attention - I’ll show you the most sincere, and honest way to get a woman’s attention without looking like a clown or making up a dumb excuse to talk to her
Step 2 - Interest - I’ll then show you how to go take her from “I’m talking to a stranger, this guy is cool, what’s his deal?”
Step 3 - Desire - And then, I’ll show you how to spark genuine, sincere desire in her.
Step 4 - Action - Then, to wrap it all up… I’ll then share how you can seamlessly transition into asking her out and setting up a date.
Those are the 4 simple steps to getting a date from the women you desire when you meet them.

All of this is revealed in the 42 page 5-Minute Conversation e-book in step-by-step detail.
Making it a counterintuitive approach to meeting women for the person that seeks an abundant, loaded dating life full of options and women enthusiastic to meet them.
And that's not all, because...
Here's What Else You'll Discover In The 5-Minute Conversation Blueprint...
​This 3-step conversation cycle ensures ​you'll never again worry about running out of things to say...
All the details from page 28
Why swiping online, trying to pick up women at bars or social circle aren't working for you (and are the hardest, Slowest path to getting a date)
Revealed on page 3
​My Unique, Proven process for permanently removing social anxiety
Explained on page 5
Once you know this subtle body-language detail, you'll always be able to instantly know if a girl is into you
Detail plus real-life photo examples on page 32
How I went from practical incel to dating five model-quality women at the same time
All the sordid details on page 6
​My unique 'dating funnel' system that makes the process of booking 3-4 dates a week simple and efficient
Get the diagram + metrics on page 8
​​How to go from total scarcity to a sweet, sexy girlfriend who loves you for you in 90 days or less
Your success roadmap laid out from page 10
​How to harness 'Magnetic Tension' to create irresistible emotions in her... within the first 10 seconds of meeting
Revealed from page 13
Know Exactly How To Get Her Number The Right Way... Every Time
This practically rejection-proof phrase is on page 34
If packing your calendar with more dates than you can handle, without swiping online or club hopping…
While meeting gorgeous women eager to meet you is what you seek, this is the ultimate guide on how to get it.
Plus I'm Going To Give You The DNA SHIFT Masterclass...
The DNA SHIFT Masterclass is a 5-day mini course:
Over the course of 5 simple challenges, I introduce you to my iCBT methodology...

iCBT gives you the theory and practical steps to permanently remove the anxiety and fear that's holding you back from starting conversations with the women you want...

The SHIFT Masterclass is usually only available as part of my $7500-16k programs, or rarely sold separately for $397...

However, you get it completely free when you claim your copy of The 5 Minute Conversation Blueprint today:

I figure, by implementing the SHIFT class, you'll no longer be held back by any fear of rejection...
So you'll be better able to actually use the blueprint to know exactly what to say...
As well as remove any lingering worries about running out of things to say or asking her for her number...
And I Want You To Know: There's No Catch!
I realise this is very inexpensive and that I’m practically giving it away…
And you’re probably wondering:
“If you’re doing so well with this, why would you give it away for next to nothing?”…
So there has to be a “catch”…
And I know there are some websites out there that offer you a great deal on something, but then they stick you in some program that charges your card every month.
This isn't one of them.
There's NO hidden monthly subscription or anything even remotely like that.
I'm literally giving you the entire book, for $27, as a means of "putting my best foot forward" and demonstrating I know what I'm talking about, understand you, and can actually help:
My hope is that you'll love it, resonate with my material, feel it was 100x more valuable than what you paid... so if you later decide to get in-person coaching, you'll think of me 🙂
But with all that said, there is ONE thing to keep in mind:
This Won’t Last Long
The truth is...

I was planning on selling this book for around $49, but that meant I had to print copies of it, store them and ship them.
Which would eat up profits and also make it much more difficult to help more people.
Then I thought about $37
...But then I realised hey - this is a digital 'ebook'. It doesn't cost me anything to print physically - I just spend a few bucks to advertise it.
So I Lowered The Price To $27
This allows me to impact more good men like you...
So they can finally create the vibrant dating life they desire & deserve:
Filled with more women, intimacy and options than they can handle

I consider that a true win/win...

Also, in most cases, I take a loss when selling the book at this price.
It costs me over $50.00 in advertising expense to sell one book.
So why would I do it?
Simple. I'm making this offer with the idea that you'll be very impressed with what I'm giving you today, and you'll want to do more business with me in the future.
I'm betting that you'll enjoy the book so much, you'll want to attend additional trainings and workshops from me.
Pretty straightforward.
Oh, I almost forgot...
You're Also Getting The Online Dating Script
These are my scientifically proven copy-and-paste templates for online dating success, including:
​✅ How to send messages that practically force her to reply to you
✅ How to never getting dragged into endless conversations that go nowhere...
​✅ How to go from match to getting her number fast
✅ An underground dating app with 1/10th the competition and 10x more attractive women who're actually interested in meeting up!
This is usually $97 when sold separately
But you're getting it, along with:
- Get a girlfriend for Valentines private masterclass ($197), and
- The Four Freedoms mini workshop ($297 RRP)
...all for free, just for giving the 5 Minute Conversation Blueprint a try.
Oh. And in case you're wondering ...
Of course there's a money-back guarantee.
In fact, I think it's ...
The Most Ridiculous Money-Back Guarantee

In The Industry...

Here’s the world’s best guarantee.

I know that before I get into anything…

…I’d like to know what I’m buying and that it’s backed by a solid money-back guarantee.

And I want you to be comfortable with this buy.

And even though it’s only $27

Like my grandpa used to say “Test drive the car before you drive it off the lot”…

So here’s what I’ve arranged:

Download the book, read it out, but more importantly apply what you learn in there.

And if you’re not blown away by what you learn.

Then just shoot me an email and request a refund within 365 days.

We’ll refund you your $27 and let you keep the book free of charge.

How’s that for the world’s best money back guarantee? I’d say pretty good!

And since you’ve made it this far, I’ll assume that you’re ready to order, so with that in mind...
This Offer Expires on
{{MMM}} {{D}}, {{YYYY}}
(Save 44% today)
Download The Book For $49 Just $27! Delivered instantly. Start reading in the next 2 minutes.
Available For Instant Download
Until then, to your success,
- Ryan Black
P.S. Remember, the 5 Minute Conversation comes with The BEST Money-Back Guarantee In The World.
Download it, read it, implement it, get results.
And if you’re not happy for any reason (and I mean ANY reason) - just let me know and we’ll refund you your $27.
Here's What's Included In The Book
This 3-Step Conversation Cycle Ensures ​You'll Never Again Worry About Running Out Of Things To Say
All the details from page 28
Why Swiping Online, Trying To Pick Up Women At Bars Or Social Circle Aren't Working For You, (And Are The Hardest Path To Getting A Date)
Revealed on page 3
My Unique, Proven Process For Permanently Removing Social Anxiety
Explained on page 5
Once You Know This Subtle Body-Language Detail, You'll Always Be Able To Instantly Know If A Girl Is Into You
Details plus real-life photo examples on page 32
How I Went From Practical Incel To Dating Five Model-Quality Women At The Same Time
All the sordid details on page 6 (as they should be)
My Unique 'Dating Funnel' System That Makes The Process Of Booking 3-4 Dates A Week Simple And Efficient
Get the diagram + metrics on page 8)
How To Go From Total Scarcity To A Sweet, Sexy Girlfriend Who Loves You For You In 90 Days Or Less
Your success roadmap laid out from page 10
How To Harness 'Magnetic Tension' to Create Irresistible Emotions In Her... Within The First 10 Seconds Of Meeting
Revealed from page 13
Know exactly how to Get Her Number the right way... every time
This practically rejection-proof phrase is on page 34
Download The Five Minute Conversation
(Save 44% today)
Download The Book For $49 Just $27! Delivered instantly. Start reading in the next 2 minutes.
Available For Instant Download
Here's What Others Have To Say
Frequently Asked Questions
Who is this for?
This is for smart, busy men who want to meet the kind of high quality they want, without having to pretend to be alpha, 'high status', or even confident...
What is the Five Minute Conversation Blueprint?
A simple, straightforward framework any man can use to meet women, and get dates in any every sitaution, without feeling fake, manipulative or creepy
I want this, what exactly am I getting?
You're getting the full 41 page five minute conversation pdf manual, along with the DNA shift masterclass, the Girlfriend by Valentine's day bonus manual
How is this different than all the other stuff out there?
Instead of pushing you be someone you're not, and pretending to some "high status" jock... this method shows you how to attract women by being your natural self.
Do you offer more in depth help?
Yes I do, I have a higher level
Is there a guarantee?
Your order is covered by my 365 day guarantee. If you're not satisfied with your purchase, let me know and I'll give you an immediate refund.
Download The Five Minute Conversation Blueprint
(Save 44% today)
Download The Book For $49 Just $27! Delivered instantly. Start reading in the next 2 minutes.
Available For Instant Download
What my students have to say:
Included Bonuses

Get a Girlfriend Masterclass

Get a loving, high quality girlfriend for your next Valentine's day

The Online Messaging Script

How to use online dating to fill your dating calendar with the gorgeous, attractive women who always seem so aloof and out of reach online.

The Four Freedoms

The 1% man's guide to optimising your physical, financial, sexual & social freedoms

The DNA Shift Workshop

The foundations you need to unlock your innate charisma and connect with women effortlessly
4 Steps To Meeting The Attractive, Intelligent Women You Want
Get The 5 Minute Conversation Blueprint
I was the “Mr Right” All These Ladies Kept Looking For On Their Dating Profiles,
Yet no matter how much I tried, I always got the same response:
“You’re such a nice guy, Ryan. Any woman would be lucky to have you as her man. Let’s just be friends.”
All the time.
Like clockwork.
It didn’t matter how many boxes I ticked, I was always the guy in the friend zone.
Sometimes I served as the perfect emotional tampon who gave the women a shoulder to cry on, as they complained about the bad boys who kept breaking their hearts, after they kept running back to them over and over again.
Eventually, I just ended up settling for women I wasn’t attracted to.
All because I was that desperate to have any female companionship.
I couldn’t have what I wanted, so I just took what I could.
This meant I couldn’t be with the beautiful, smart women I was truly attracted to.
There’s a stupid myth out there… that you have to beat your chest and "demonstrate higher value” to be an “Alpha Male”, while trying to use the “perfect script” and routine in order to achieve the fabled “perfect approach”
This is constantly pushed as the best way to meet women.
Except it doesn’t always work…
Because of two reasons.
1- The common dating strategies around demonstrating higher value, stacking routines and scripts… and pea cocking are all serve one purpose:
Shielding you from rejection.
These dating strategies are designed to force you play it safe…
… something the old me thought was only seen in the movies.
And the best part?
I didn’t even have to lie to these women, either.
I have to make one thing clear, however:
The rotation lifestyle may not be for everyone.
Some guys just want that one gorgeous, intelligent girl they can spend their time with and build a life together.
I get it…
And I made a system to make it fully possible for you to meet the women you're attracted to...
Without having to demonstrate higher value, or fake being an alpha...
Or have to put up with yet another "let's just be friends speech"...
And I Put The Entire System In A short book Called The Five Minute Conversation blueprint, And You Can Start Reading It In Just A Few Moments From Now…
Here's Everything You're Getting
For Only $27 Today
Included With Your Order

The 5 Minute Conversation Blueprint

Turn Ice-Cold Strangers into Hot Dates in 5 Minutes or Less

Included With Your Order

The Online Dating Script

How to use online dating to fill your dating calendar with the gorgeous, attractive women who always seem so aloof and out of reach online.

Included With Your Order

Get a Girlfriend Accelerator

Get a loving, high quality girlfriend in a matter of weeks, not years.
Included With Your Order

The DNA SHIFT Masterclass

The foundations you need to unlock your innate charisma and connect with women effortlessly
Included With Your Order

The Four Freedoms

How to optimise & uplevel the 4 core areas that make you a 1% high value man
Read the book directly on your computer, phone, or tablet and start implementing right away.
Only $49 $27.00 Today
(Save 44% now) Download The Book For $49 Just $27! Delivered instantly. Start reading in the next 2 minutes.
Here's a sneak peek Of What's inside the book
"Totally True... Great Stuff"
Ross Jeffries
Creator of Speed Seduction
DISCLAIMER: This is not an endorsement of the book from Ross Jeffries
In the Five Minute Conversation Blueprint you're not just going to learn how to approach any girl you find attractive, I will also share some successful strategies I've used to
Start interesting conversations with just about anyone, whether a girl or a potential business partner
How to deliver a sincere compliment that will make anyone's day (without resorting to the old, cliche's they may have heard a million times)
How to be your most authentic, interesting self to anyone you speak to, without wearing a mask and pretending who you're not
How to instantly come up with a way to open a conversation in any situation, no matter where you are!
This Blueprint allows you to meet women in any daytime situation and know exactly what to say
You're Also Getting...
Fill your calendar with attractive women with these copy-and-paste scripts for any dating app
The 1% man's guide to optimising your physical, financial, sexual & social freedoms
Discover my unique iCBT method that removes even a lifetime of social anxiety, so you can unlock your innate charisma and connect with women effortlessly
The exact system I use to get a loving, high quality girlfriend in a matter of weeks, starting from zero
Over $1,024.00 of Actionable value!
(Yours For FREE When You Get The Five Minute Conversation Book)
The Five MInute Conversation Book

The Five Minute Conversation Book ($37 RRP)

Turn Ice-Cold Strangers into Hot Dates in 5 Minutes or Less
Bonus #1

Get a Girlfriend Accelerator ($197 value)

My exact system for getting a quality girlfriend fast, without apps, social circle, clubs or bars
Bonus #2

The Online Messaging Script ($97 value)

How to use online dating to fill your dating calendar with the gorgeous, attractive women who always seem so aloof and out of reach online.
Bonus #3

The Four Freedoms ($297 value)

The 1% man's guide to optimising your physical, financial, sexual & social freedoms
Bonus #4

The DNA shift Masterclass ($397 Value)

The foundations you need to unlock your innate charisma and connect with women effortlessly
Frequently Asked Questions
I want this, what exactly am I getting?
This is a simple, straightforward framework any man can use to meet women, and get dates without feeling "fake" or relying on an alpha male persona to impress the woman
Do you offer more in depth help?
Yes, I have an advanced program for those who need further help with what I share in this book.
Who is this for?
This is for smart, busy men who want to meet the kind of high quality they want, without "pretending" to be a chest beating alpha male
What is The Five Minute Conversation?
This is a simple, straightforward framework any man can use to meet women, and get dates without feeling "fake" or relying on an alpha male persona to impress the woman
How is this different than all the other stuff out there?
Instead of pushing you be someone you're not, and pretending to some "high status" jock... this method shows you how to attract women by being your natural self.
Is there a guarantee?
Yes, you get a 365 day money back guarantee in case it's not for you. I even let you keep the book.
This site is not a part of the Facebook website or Facebook Inc. Additionally, This site is NOT endorsed by Facebook in any way. FACEBOOK is a trademark of FACEBOOK, Inc.
We can not and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, tools, or strategies. What we can guarantee is your satisfaction with our training. We give you a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee on the products we sell, so if you are not happy for any reason with the quality of our training, just ask for your money back. You should know that all products and services by our company are for educational and informational purposes only. Nothing on this page, any of our websites, or any of our content or curriculum is a promise or guarantee of results or future earnings, and we do not offer any legal, medical, tax or other professional advice. Any financial numbers referenced here, or on any of our sites, are illustrative of concepts only and should not be considered average earnings, exact earnings, or promises for actual or future performance. Use caution and always consult your accountant, lawyer or professional advisor before acting on this or any information related to a lifestyle change or your business or finances. You alone are responsible and accountable for your decisions, actions and results in life, and by your registration here you agree not to attempt to hold us liable for your decisions, actions or results, at any time, under any circumstance.