“Does Being A ‘Nerd’ Mean I’m Not Attractive To Women?”

This was the question I asked myself throughout most of my young life. I was interested in science, psychology, and philosophy. I was nothing like the typical “alpha male” image that many men think women fantasize over. And my results reflected this: By the end of college I had had only one girlfriend, who didn’t even treat me that well.

Then a friend gave me a copy of The Game and and my life changed…

Or did it?

I started learning everything I could about dating, convinced I would become a “pickup artist”. All needed to do was learn a bunch of techniques and scripts, make sure I dressed and acted the right way, go to all the hottest nightclubs, and basically erase the person I was in favor of adopting a much cooler and more attractive persona. I wish I had known this stuff earlier!

After two years of forums, videos, seminars, workshops, and books…

My dating life had barely changed.

Busting The World Of Dating Myths

It wasn’t until I discovered “Direct Daygame” that I saw significant change in my dating life.

More than that, in fact: My results SKYROCKETED.

I was literally meeting brand new amazing women in everyday situations, every single day, all while being totally and unapologetically authentic.

I loved it so much that I became a coach, and for the last 10+ years I’ve been teaching “nerdy” guys all over the world how to meet the women of their dreams while being themselves

The truth is: Most dating advice out there (even the best “PUA” material) is complete bullshit.

It feeds on your insecurities and convinces you to become someone you aren’t, all with the promise of making you impervious to rejection and a universally desired ultra-masculine playboy.

It makes you (and the girl) feel, well, gross.

And more than that: It doesn’t fucking work.

Transform Your Dating Life

I’m here to tell you that you DON’T need any fancy routines, scripts, magic tricks, or funny hats.

All you need are some key principles and the right mindsets…

And whole lot of action-taking.

If you’re ready to take action and transform your dating life NOW…

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